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Called To Love Ministries seeks to help all people thrive in relationships and

know the love they were made for. Philokalia coaching with Called to Love founder, Katie Palitto, 

 is a one-on-one opportunity to do that. 

We all need help with difficult life situations, such as a parents divorce, a recent breakup,  the struggle with masturbation or pornography, single parenting, the loss of your marriage,

or the annulment process. Sometimes, a therapist is too costly or not the right treatment. 

Katie Palitto is certified as a prayer companion with the Ignatian Spirituality Center of Kansas City and has a Masters in Psychology from Divine Mercy University. Caring for the whole person as an integration of mind, body and spirit is an important element of her practice. 

Philokalia means "love of the beautiful" in ancient greek and is a collection of texts  originally written for the guidance and instruction of monks in "the practice of the contemplative life".  It guides Katie's approach to coaching as she helps others find what they desire,

by helping them to understand and direct their actions, thoughts and emotions. 


The following links have
information about the annulment process

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