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Choices, Voices and Adventure

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Part of our human psyche is that we tend to be able to accept and handle things much better if we choose them for ourselves.

When we want to be married, but cannot seem to find the one. When we want good relationship, but it seems to allude us. When we want something to be a certain way with our children, our spouse, in our lives and we aren't getting it, we suffer.

Divorce is hard, no matter what, but the pain and devastation is usually less severe in someone who filed the divorce to escape an abusive marriage over someone who was abandoned by their spouse. Children are almost always negatively affected by divorce because they had no choice in the decision.

Remarriage and Blending situations are challenging because someone is having to deal with the choices of someone else. And even if the choice can bring good, it wasn't their decision.

Everyday, we have a choice. We can look at what is before us in whatever way we choose. Choice is a funny thing. It can make all the difference in how we perceive our situation and how we are able to respond. It can be the difference between happiness and sadness, between anxiety and joy.

So, what can you do when you don't get to choose? We must realize there are always things we can choose. Our attitude, how to respond, how to talk to ourselves. There are always choices. They might be hard choices. We may have to wait and be patient before we can act. The choices we have may not always be the ones we want. But we always have a choice.

First, we can choose what we do not choose. This is mind blowingly hard. It supposes that you know that all that is happening to you is for some good.. The magic is in the acceptance. Not the acceptance that your situation is good, because it may not be, but acceptance that it is happening, and that good can come from it. So, you have made a choice to seek the good around you.

Next, we set out to find that good. This is where it is important to listen to the right Voices. Not the voices of the world that tell you that you deserve better, which you do, or the ones that are hurting you, not the voice of the enemy which tells you are unlovable or it will never get better. Listen to Gods Voice, the voice of truth and choose to believe that You are Loved, You are Not Alone, You are Being Comforted and Protected by a Loving Father. Choose to listen to the Voice that says you are a chosen beloved one of the Creator the Universe, that He will go before, to guide you into a land of abundance.

Lastly, listen to the voice that calls you to this adventure of following Him into this place of possible JOY and PEACE. You are at a crossroads and only your choices limit or free you. Choose to trust God in your situation. Choose to listen to His Words and His Voice. Choose to follow Him on an adventure to the possibility of TRUE LOVE.

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