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The Much More

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The journey through a divorce, whether you are still in the process or have been separated for awhile, can cause a myriad of emotions, from relief to anger, deep grief, resentment, hurt and loneliness. Whether you feel like a victim or filed the divorce to be freed from an abusive situation,the ache inside and sense of sorrow over the failed attempt at long lasting loving relationship runs deep and is at times all consuming.

That is because we are made for relationship. We are made for true authentic love. We are made for marriage. It is no wonder we ache for anything less than mind blowing happiness. We are made for the Much More.

However, our world has lost what True Authentic Love is all about. Our Creator God has put into our DNA the longing for the much more of authentic love. Good intentions lead us to chase after all kinds of things to find it.

The journey you are on because of a divorce is painful and we want you to know you are not alone. We also want you to know there is hope for everlasting and fulfilling relationship. There is a remedy for you aching broken heart. There is satisfaction for your desire.

It is a healing process that will reset your ideas and belief about love and relationship. It is surrendering to a transformation. It is about being open to receive Love and being committed to giving Love.

It will require trust, forgiveness and patience. But it is worth it.

Do you long for the much more?

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