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What Virginity & Celibacy has to do with Marriage

So, why am I giving commentary on a book about celibacy? This book changed my life and was one of the most helpful and impactful pieces of literature that helped me understand what vocation truly is and what it means to lay down ones life - either for marriage or consecrated life.

Don't get me wrong - this book will blow your will be hard to read some chapters...its not easy reading...and it will make you think and feel things that cause conflict and tension - but it is through precisely these things that I came to know the FREEDOM that God offers us. Freedom of knowing and loving both the married and religious life.

Combined with prayer, spending time with consecrated men and women, and the help of a spiritual director, this book and the gift of celibacy seeped into my heart and helped me understand my own true desires and the truth of what I was being called to by God. It helped me prepare to receive my vocation.

After an abusive marriage that had wounded me deeply ended - God used this book and healed my broken concept of Love and Relationship. It helped to know that true Love is possible and it is different than what I thought. Through the lens of celibacy, I learned more about myself, and marriage, than any other book.

I recommend it to all. Cheers.

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