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Experience In:

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Family of Origin Wounds

  • Minor Sexual Issues

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Vocational Discernment

  • Understanding and Re-Wiring Trauma Response

  • Self Esteen and Self Care Issues

  • Enduring Chronic Pain

  • Theology of the Body

  • Divorce, Annulment and Blending in ReMarriage


Integrative Coaching

Called To Love Ministries seeks to help all people thrive in relationships and know the love they were made for. Sparrow Integrative Coaching is a one-on-one opportunity to do that. 

We all need help with difficult life situations, such as a parent's divorce, a recent breakup, or the struggle with masturbation or pornography, single parenting, the loss of a marriage, or the annulment process.

Other times, we need an objective perspective and guidance with our vocation, a job change, dating relationships, or long-time wounds that seem to be controlling our lives.  Sometimes, a therapist is too costly, not the right treatment or you need a little extra care between therapy sessions. 

Sparrow is named for Katie's love of the bible verse from Matthew 10:29 where Jesus reminds his followers that God has deep care and concern for each person.  This scripture tells us that we are worth more than MANY sparrows, and that God has taken the time and intentionality to count each hair on our head.  Katie is committed to intentionality and concern for each client so that they know how valuable they are.

This is accomplished through a custom approach to each person that includes attending to the physical, spiritual and emotional. The Catholic Christian Meta Model, which acknowledges that the human person is an integration of body and soul is the foundation of her practice and guides her approach to healing the whole person.

Katie is certified as a prayer companion with the Ignatian Spirituality Center of Kansas City and

has a master's in psychology from Divine Mercy University. She is also part of the Lay Movement of the Apostles of Interior Life. She attends Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Kansas City, KS and lives nearby with her husband, Michael. They have 5 children. 

*Available in person or for telehealth appointments. 


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